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Bjs Japanese Koi Carp

Mandela Shield Cheyenne Wolf Comes Out

Mandela Shield Cheyenne Wolf Comes Out

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Mandella Wolf Comes Out Shield signed by the Southern Cheyenne Chief. Cheyenne ~ Their original homeland was from Canada to Colorado - one of the first plains tribes - excellent horseman, hunters, proud warriors and negotiators for peace with other Indian tribes. Religious and spiritual, the Cheyenne are tall and stately. Wolf Comes Out has always been a prominent and respected name in the tribe. He is an inherited Chief. Wolf Robe is one of his ancestors. His grandmother, Magpie, was one of the very few Indian women allowed to wear the War Bonnet and sit in the inner circle with the War Chiefs. Wolf Comes Out is and international champion traditional dancer. He has been dancing for fifty years and travels the Pow Wow Trail. He has worked for Indian rights all of his adult life, in Oklahoma and Washington D.C. and for many tribes throughout the United States. He is a member of the Inter-Tribal American Indian Viet Nam Veterans and Native American Church.
Made In USA. Approx: size 23 inches (58 cm) across